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4k Freelance are specialists in 4k Ultra HD RAW and ProRes HQ video production. We also record in all industry standard formats such as 1080p HD. 
We travel around the whole of the UK and Globally for Freelance Videography and Cinematography!
From our leading production suite based in Northampton we deliver end to end video production. 4k Freelance has it's own dedicated professional cinematographers and videographers, as well as working with companies on a freelance basis to help plan, shoot, and edit engaging video content that tells the stories behind your products or services.

Discover the world of 4k - 2k and HD Digital Media!


We will go through your objectives for your video project and help with the planning stage including story boards and shoot preparation. Planning is key!


Shooting creative video can be complicated and requires experience to operate camera equipment correctly. We take care of all of that to get you the look you want.


Once the footage is shot and stored it's ready to make it come to life, we can assist with assembly, audio and colour grading to make your video really pop.


If you're planning on publishing your video on YouTube, Vimeo, your own website or for use offline we will format your video for perfect viewing experience.


Hire Freelance 4k videographers, cinematographers per hour.

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Call to discuss your project with us. We will provide you with a full brief.

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30, 60 and 90 day Projects will be quoted based on your requirements.

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Our Services Include:

4k Ultra HD & HD video production. Audio and Photography!

We work in house and remotely supplying camera crews, video editors, edit assistants, animators, colorists, dubbing mixers, arrangers, composers, producers, sound designers and musical advisers.


We develop original treatments and concepts from scratch. With a wealth of directing talent on our roster, we match the director and DOP to every commercial we undertake.


Shot in amazing 4k Ultra HD CinemaDNG 4k RAW, With four times more resolution than Full HD. 4k ProRes or high definition (HD).


Whether promoting the latest smart phone, or a new online start up, we can provide promotional videos that work hard to ensure your product or service stands out.


From a dynamic CG walk through of a new building, to a macro film shoot of the latest range of designer watches, we can supply a crew for showcase films to suit any product.


Our animation capabilities traverse the full range of the industry, from photo – realistic CG, through to hand drawn and stop motion.


Our animators create motion graphics from scratch or customise templates from other sources.


Whether using beautifully crafted kinetic typography, or simple animated screen shots, we know how best to produce the most concise explainer videos.


The black Magic Ursa is the one of the best pro video cameras for shooting green screen. With the use of a steadicam rig and fluid head technology from Manfrotto! We will deliver dynamic results everytime! See the Black Magic Ursa RAW quality test review for a variety of video production shoots on set and location. This video includes tests on RAW quality when filming the Black Magic Ursa on set with green screen.


As one of our core areas of expertise we have produced high end corporate films. Flagship brand films for Tesco, Green Frog Creative, Level 7, Veterans for peace, Sparx, Uniq Solutions, Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce and Reed are just a few of the companies we have supplied for, amongst a very distinguished list of blue chip clients.


We travel the globe to shoot amazing time lapse photography, motion time lapse photography in 4K Ultra HD RAW and ProRes HQ. Our prices for time lapse photography vary depending on the nature of the work, location and post production requirements. If required 4k Freelance will plan and arrange the location for shooting, and deliver the RAW film to the edit suite for the post production process of editing, colour grading, visual effects and more to final output.


4k Freelance Production Crews, Equipment Hire, Camera Operators, Steadicam Operators, Assistant Editors, Lead Editors, Offline/Online freelancers.


Call us for free today to book your place for all summer live events. We organise the filming of festivals, concerts, acoustic sessions, exhibitions, press conferences, seminars, meetings, trade shows and weddings.

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Our job is to plan, schedule and shoot your commercial drone filming projects and marketing videos. We take care of the whole process of the legal requirements. Even if you know little about the different types of drones available, and the quality required to effectively make a difference to your marketing campaigns, music videos and more, We take care of that for you!

4k Ultra HD RAW, 3.1 Compression, 4k ProRes, High Definition (HD) are recording formats for videography and cinematography.
DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve combines the worlds’s most advanced colour corrector with professional multi track editing, so we can edit, colour correct, finish and deliver all from one system! Only DaVinci Resolve features the creative tools, compatibility, speed and legendary image quality we need to manage our entire workflow, which is why we are the number one solution! Contact us for a quote today!

From RAW images to XML round trip work flows

Professional Colour grading services that are designed to help our clients!

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Powerful Social Media Tools

Go that one step further!

Powerful Social Media Tools

Go that one step further!

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Our team use industry standard software apps combined with years of experience to produce the highest quality content.
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Adobe Premier Pro

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Final Cut Pro

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Adobe After Effects

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DaVinci Resolve

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Logic Pro

Why 4K-UHD is Better than 2k or HD?

What Is the Difference Between 4K And 1080P Video?

For people who want and expect the absolute highest possible quality motion picture experience, 4K is ticking all the boxes. From both a production point of view, and a viewing point of view, this ultra high definition technology is going to change the way we watch videos.

Most people are by now very familiar with 1080P high definition video quality. It is admired for its clarity and as a result, became the standard high definition format in use around the world.

But 4K is the technology that's gaining attention now, and with good reason. It is, however easy to feel confused between 1080P and 4K. What exactly are the differences between them? Why is one better than the other? Can you really tell the difference? These are all questions that need to be answered if one is to have a good, solid knowledge about the future of ultra high definition video in the form 4K.

4K is known as Ultra High Definition (UHD), whilst 1080P is simply labelled High Definition. As their names imply, 4K UHD has a considerably higher resolution than 1080P HD video.

Our customers can choose from a selection of 4k formats, 4k to 2k or HD Scaling Down!

How does it work?

On occasion, a recording will need to be scaled down to a lower resolution to fulfil your budget. In the case of 4K, one may wish to downscale to a 2K or HD output. Tests have shown that when comparing the final video quality of a 4K video which has been downscaled to 2K or HD, the picture is noticeably more detailed.

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