Mixing Audio Stems

Logic Pro X Mixing audio stems. The hard work begins mixing media composition stems in Logic Pro X for our client in preparation for dubbing. To find out more about our range of digital creative media services, please fill out our contact form, or call us for an in depth discussion today! #parallelcompression #vcamixing

Northampton’s Rising Star

Grand Final June 29th 2019 The Spinney Theatre Northampton Northampton’s rising star live final. We are pleased to welcome 4k Freelance Ultra HD – HD Digital Creative Media as our Videography Partner at our upcoming Grand Final which takes place on Saturday 29th June at The Spinney Theatre Northampton with Guest Judge and Perfomer, Samantha Harvey! For tickets, please visit: www.northamptonsrisingstar.co.uk

Scoring To Picture

Music Production For TV and Film Media Composers, Northampton, UK. The post production team of ‘The Cross’ film working on the final edit. Music cues composed by musicians Ethan Edwards and Nathan Dickens of 4K Freelance, coming out soon! Contact us to find out more about what we do, and the digital creative media services we offer! #MediaComposers

Media Composers – Northampton – UK

Scoring To Picture Media composers, Northampton, UK. Preparations are underway with scoring to picture, as we start an early day of writing cues for a broadcast client based in Bristol of a locked sequence. We’ve also carried out and completed the wild tracks for our client. For information on researching and editing of wild tracks, sound FX, creating foley, writing …